My need for an earpiece also extends into my role as a DEA Task Force Officer (TFO).  While performing my duties as a DEA TFO, I routinely conduct mounted/dismounted surveillance or serve search/arrest warrants. In both of these operations, a reliable earpiece for communications is critical.  I found N-ear while looking for something that I could rely on while in the field. I was able to try out the N-ear 360 earpiece, the APX-8000 PTT, and the remote PTT.  I have put it through the test in all types of operations, and it has performed excellently.

The N-ear 360 earpiece is very comfortable; I often forget it’s in my ear until a transmission comes through. With the interchangeable tips, you can adjust for size and desired noise canceling. With the open ear tip, there is no loss in situational awareness that many earpieces cause by blocking hearing from one ear.  If the earpiece is needed while flying or in a loud environment, the solid ear tip blocks out most background noise in the noisiest environments.  This earpiece has yet to come out of my ear on accident. It is also a very low signature and allows the user to use it in plain clothes very well.

The APX-8000 PTT and adapter works seamlessly with our radios, offers a 3.5 mm connection for the earpiece, and is nice and small. It does not bounce around back and forth like the large lapel mic. The CHOICE Waterproof PTT is easy to find even in the dark but does not inadvertently hot mic.

I was also surprised by how much use I found in the Wireless PTT. It can be strapped on a rifle to allow the user to transmit without removing a hand from the long arm, or it can be used as a wristwatch to allow easy PTT. The CHOICE system uses Bluetooth to PTT but does not transfer any voice data over the Bluetooth and is much more secure than the Motorola devices.

Thank you,

Air Interdiction Agent