I was very hesitant about purchasing the N-ear 360 due to the price.  However, after speaking with my fellow officers and other deputies, I couldn’t at least give it a shot due to being extremely frustrated with the previous earpiece I had.


After ordering the N-ear 360, arrived in the next couple of days and I have utilized it for several shifts now (12hr shifts).  This is life-changing if you currently wear a tubed earpiece.   I can not tell in any way that I have the N-ear 360 in.  The N-ear 360 doesn’t muffle sound like my other one did, it doesn’t pop out when you turn your head in any direction, and like I said, above everything else, you still can’t tell it’s in when you move your head.


The audio is very good and makes radio traffic sound 10x better than a regular cheap tubed earpiece.  Sorry for the long-winded review, but I can’t say enough about the N-ear 360 and have recommended it to several people that have already or will be buying one soon.

If the price is the only thing that has you on the fence, do it, it’s very much worth it.  I think it should also be noted that this is one of the only reviews I’ve ever given.

Deputy C. Magel #37