I have 30 years of government service and have worn multiple headsets and earpieces over the years. In the past 7 years, executive protection and low visibility operations have been my day-to-day grind. I have spent the better part of that time attempting to find the best earpiece for the job.

I have used multiple company audio platforms from tactical bones, Bluetooth, and medically fitted earpieces with PTT’s, and I don’t know how many two and three-wire platforms. After one of my guys found the N-Ear 360, all of that changed.


When you have that thick, clear colorless tube in your ear, you stand out. The flesh-toned design of the N-Ear allows you to beat first glance, and to blend into your environment. This allows for passive security when being the bull in the china shop doesn’t work.


The advantage the N-Ear headset has over traditional wires is its clarity. The Double Flange Ear Tip fits perfectly into the canal, allowing for crisp quality sound without turning the volume to max. This also enables you to hear your surroundings as the flange still gives access to audible sounds from the outside. No more one side muffled. It’s in the details, sound quality matters.


From day one, I have had nothing but a great experience. I have called, email and text only to received prompt service every time. These contacts were not for issues; they were because other CPO’s wanted to know where we got our equipment, and I would say…” I’ll put you in contact”, that was it! Happy CPO’s = higher quality work = happy clients. It’s a cycle that benefits everybody.


Whether you’re a gear or gadget guy or just continuing to search for that perfect set of wires, N-Ear will undoubtedly satisfy. I have had other models break due to some CPO’s being rough, regularly replacing, but these earpieces stand up to the test. Their snaplock, small replacement parts, and cleaning kit make this device perfect for any operational team.

Founder & CEO

Gray Ghost Solutions

Houston, TX